As a Freelance Commercial Manager you can expect us to have full responsibility (if you so wish) of bringing commercial revenue into the football club by acting as an ambassador for the clubs that we represent, and forging strong links with the local community at all levels.

The main areas of opportunity to raise revenue at clubs that we take responsibility for us as follows:

  • Sponsorship: Currently in what is now a branding-rich world, sports sponsorship deals in football are moving to the next level. It's a booming business.Unlike before, sports sponsors are spending their marketing budgets with sports teams, or sporting events. Ensure your club does not lose out!
  • Advertising: Sponsorship advertising provides some distinct advantages. It's a somewhat passive form of advertising where the advertiser is not directly pushing on the consumer. Fans of sporting events or supporters of charitable events often react positively to companies that sponsor their events or causes.We can bring such revenue into your club.
  • Business Partnerships: We develop business partnerships between new clients and football clubs. It gives a brand or organisation an opportunity to work closely with the Club on a number of exciting initiatives. The programmes are designed to extend the reach as an organisation through the promotion of services to the thousands of a loyal, passionate fan base at clubs we represent. .

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