About Us

Network Football Management is a Unique Business.

The conception of the business came from Darren Court; after working for EFL clubs Preston North End FC and Port Vale FC respectively in a Commercial Sales capacity.

His main responsibility was to seek opportunities and develop commercial revenue for the club by way of commercial partnerships, sponsors; advertisers. and marketing initiatives.

It then occurred to Darren that such commercial revenue would be even more valuable to football clubs further down the English football pyramid and whilst the volume of revenue may not be as lucrative; to such clubs, it could often be a lifeline.

However many non-league, part-time or even clubs in the women's game with a separate professional identity do not have dedicated Commercial Managers to develop the sponsorship and revenue from their community.

This task often becomes the work of an already overworked Club Secretary, General Manager or in some cases even a Club Volunteer. They offer their time to the project and do it to the best of their ability in intermittent spells; however, the community or potential partners are never truly being engaged over time and therefore valuable commercial revenue is not generated in large amounts to the club.

That's where NFM can make a difference to your football club as a commercial intermediary.

If your club does not have a full-time commercial support function, we work on a commission-only basis to drive much-needed commercial revenue into your football club.

There is no financial risk to you. We only make money when your club does.

Football Clubs can decide on the level of partnership that they have with us from simply attracting new business and new revenue into the club or a full partnership that enables the club to subcontract their commercial function to Network Football Management. This would see us retain existing commercial revenue and sponsorship for a percentage fee.

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